Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Learning To Be Successful - The Easier Way

I always believe that we can learn from the failures and experience of others instead of making the same failures by ourselves. Not only is this a much faster method, it is also a less painful method. Always seek to learn from other's failures. Yet, if you are unable to meet fellow experience traders who are willing to share their journey to success with you, don't fret.

This has always been a form of motivation for me. More than just watching others earn money, what you could do it to learn from them!

Here are the suggested outline steps taken:
1) Analyze each trade starting from the entry price.You could ignore the stop loss since the trading methodology would differ.
2) Determine if you would have entered at that particular price.
3) Look for reasons as to why the trade was closed - bearish candle stick patterns?
4) Repeat the process

I'm sure you will gain valuable insights even if you are a season trader. There's always new experience and lessons to be learn! Keep learning

"Every moment in the market is unique"

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