Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 1 Trading Results

Week 1:

euraud - 32 pips
reason for loss - counter trend attempting to short at right shoulder

gbpaud - 50 pips
reason for loss - bearish expansion in h4. lesson learnt: do not attempt to enter when h4 shows possible reversal eg bearish expansion.

usdsgd + 94 pips unrealized profit
reason for profit - trade executed well with a double top, resulting in a very good risk to reward ratio. risk was only about 30 pips.

gbpchf + 79 pips unrealized profit
reason for profit - WR of 2 days high.
additional comments - wasn't too sure about setup as h4 boxes signify price was ranging. entered because there was a failed h4 expansion (WR).

s&p + $37 unrealized profit
reason for profit - entry was timed correctly as price bounced off support of both 10 and 21 day ma.

Overall, quite satisfied with the results :) although the identification of good triggers could further be improve.

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