Friday, October 5, 2012

Motivation for Trading

If something does not work, do something different! It seems obvious, but often we instead respond with "try, try try again" in the same old way, or by giving up!

Often this is about letting go of ego and pride in relation to the initial plan. The whole concept of failure is unhelpful, and just because the initial game plan did not work, does not validate the attempt, or the desire. Instead, we should work on being flexible, adapting to the feedback attempt so that we can try again in a better way.

What we are in fact doing here is a first "best effort" based on the information we start off with. However, as they say, a battle plan rarely survives first contact with the enemy! In the same way with planning and goal setting, we can only plan to try according to the information we have available. Once in the "real world", even with the best planning and visualization, it is likely something will turn out differently, or more in a more complex way than we could have expected.

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